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    Since 1975 Salbookh Trading Company, is considered one of the leading producer & trader of aggregates in the region of Kuwait and Middle East, which is used for building constructions & roads. It is a publicly traded shareholding company listed in Kuwait stock market with a total capital & shareholders’ equity of 10,494,204 K.D. (Ten Million Four Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Two Hundred and Four Kuwaiti Dinars) which is equivalent of U$ 36.82 million.

    Since incorporated, the company assumed the responsibility of making available such materials in the local and international market and responding to the needs of the government and private sectors of Gabbro type of aggregate taking into consideration the high quality, standard specifications and reasonable prices. In order to attain such objective, sources of supply we have our crushing units in the Emirate of Fujairah in United Arab Emirates (capable of mining and crushing 300,000 Metric Tons per month).

    STC deals in aggregate ( Gabbro ) with 6 standard sizes & oversized aggregates All aggregates sold are screened by screening facilities , and tested for quality by the company laboratory ,and approved by Kuwait Government laboratories which issued certificates to STC such as : Ministry Of Public Works Ministry Of Defense The company has been constantly and continuously cooperating with the government bodies to test its products periodically.


Office #19, 6th Floor, Panasonic Tower
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P.o Box. 1974 Safat 13020 Kuwait
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