The word "Salbookh" in the Arabic Kuwaiti dialogue means "Crushed Stones" or "Aggregates" in the English language. You would outline that for the focusing on crushed stones and aggregates as the main activity and domain, our company framed its name; "Salbookh" Trading Co.

    For dealing in a key material within the materials of the industries of Construction and Asphalt, STC was always developing new concepts for a distinguished relationship between herself as the source of the material and its customer. Our service satisfies our customer needs and helps him locating the source of his supplies. However, in order to achieve that, STC had to be at the highest energetic levels and to give its utmost effort to cover the majority of the area of the material voyage from a rock somewhere on a mountain to the site of a customer. Therefore, we are now involved in five of the eight main areas of the aggregate industry i.e. extracting, crushing, exporting, importing and trading of the product. We are now patronizing efficiently and professionally those five business areas.

    However, as regarding the other three areas; shipping, stevedoring and land transport and material delivery, we have awarded them to a group of well-established and reputed organizations.

    On an overview, a work group like this should be able altogether to attain our main goal that is, customer satisfaction.

    Each of our five business areas is independent and autonomous, but they all merge to form an entity under the umbrella of Salbookh Trading Co.

    As one of its kind, STC was the conqueror of the conversion to new techniques in aggregate industry in the Arabian Gulf Region. Those techniques are which gave aggregate industry new horizons and prospects on customer service. Salbookh Trading Co. was also the pioneer on the development of this business field in the region.

    In 1991, by the end of the Desert Storm and after the liberation of Kuwait, STC found herself facing the high demand of the material, which was very essential for the restoration and remodeling of the country. Nevertheless, due to the lack of machinery and equipment, which were either lost due to robbery deeds of the oppressing Iraqi invaders, or damaged by war activities, STC found himself incapable of any action.

    The time was very tight and STC had to do something rapidly. So, In a few weeks, to collect all the left behind damaged equipment, machinery and vehicles, have it repaired and restored to an operational condition and immediately starting over with the material production process, people related to our business sector recognized that.


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