• Corporate Values

    The Board, Executive Management and personnel are committed to maintain confidentiality of all information relating to the Company’s business, stakeholders and financial affairs. Rules of secrecy issued by the regulatory authorities are strictly abided by, as the Company adopts the regulations, and take the necessary actions, to preserve the secrecy of the information not in the public domain.

    Conflict of Interests
    The Company adopts a Conflict of Interest Policy that covers the fair practices and behaviors the Company expects from Board members and personnel. The Board monitors and addresses any probable conflict that may adversely affect the company. The Company always works on identifying, treating and reporting situations constituting conflicts of interest; as to ensure that all conflicts of interest are dealt with and addressed expeditiously.

    Shareholders Rights
    The Company’s governance system ensures that the shareholders can exercise their rights in a fair and equal manner which would guarantee the equal treatment and protection of all the shareholders from any abuse done by the company’s managers, and Board of Directors’ members.

    Stakeholders’ Interests
    The Company acknowledges stakeholders’ rights and works on encouraging the cooperation between the company and stakeholders in various areas. Moreover, stakeholders’ contributions represent a crucial source for building the company’s competitiveness and supporting its profitability levels.

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    The Company plays a positive role in the society and developed a Social Responsibility Policy that sets out the processes and procedures relating to balancing the social and environmental objectives with the Company’s economic objectives. The Company is constantly balancing commercial objectives with broader ethical and social considerations, just as it works on the balance between profits now and the promise of higher returns in the foreseeable future. There is an increasing focus on social issues such as supporting and encouraging national labor, improving the quality of living conditions of workforce, helping to provide job opportunities and protecting the environment against pollution.


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