• Corporate Governance Structure

    Salbookh Trading Company has developed and adopted corporate governance standards in line with the leading practices and Capital Markets Authority (CMA) guidelines.

    The Company’s efforts are to promote the governance and compliance culture throughout the Company and in all business aspects. The Company’s Board of Directors and Executive Management spared no effort to oversee and ensure the full implementation of corporate governance practices. To this end, the Company’s well-balanced organization structure supports the supervisory role entrusted to the Board by laying down an effective governance framework that is consistent with the expectations of regulatory bodies and the other stakeholders.

    The Board and its committees, supported by the current governance structure, are responsible for oversight over the implementation of governance practices. Within this context, the current governance structure acts as a direct link between the Board and Executive Management. The Board and its committees individually monitor the performance of the Executive Management in implementing the approved charters, policies and procedures and the other elements of corporate governance.


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